cloud software to produce your bus station information

In the dynamic realm of public transportation, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Traditional methods of manually creating and updating timetables and route maps have become outdated and cumbersome. Enter the era of innovation with Cloud-Based Software that not only automates the process but revolutionizes how transit authorities manage the entire maintenance life-cycle seamlessly.

Effortless Timetable Creation:
Gone are the days of painstakingly crafting timetables manually. Cloud-based software streamlines the entire timetable creation process, automating tasks from scheduling stops to optimizing routes. The result? Timetables that are not only accurate but also adaptable to the ever-changing demands of public transit.

Bus Stop file manager

easy way to manage all your data of the bus stop – location, type, routes and all the static information is managed in the station folder

Daily Updates

The cloud-based nature of the software means that any changes to schedules, routes, or maintenance requirements are reflected in the daily updates. Passengers can rely on the accuracy of the information displayed, fostering trust in public transportation services

fast production of PDF maps

easy wizard to produce the PDF maps from file, manually or with difefrent filters


Tailor your time table and route maps to suit your style and regulation. Our system make PDF files ready to print in high resolution with area map and different layers of information.

Maintenance management

manage the entire maintenance process from making the PDF maps to the installation team that going to the bus stop to replace the old maps

dashboard and Reporting

easy to monitor the changes and the maintenance process with our dashboard.
monitor the station changes, the route and time table changes and the maintenance process status.
get alerts on information that is important for you in real -time

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