E-paper DISPLAYs

Real-time Information without boundaries

Introducing our cutting-edge E-Paper Displays, the ultimate signage for outdoor environments.

Coupling Paper-like crystal clear readability with minimal power use.


Our E-Paper Display Capabilities: Experience real-time messaging, timetables, maps, travel updates, wayfinding, advertisements, city events, news, and personalized content all on one platform. Our system functions as a central hub, seamlessly integrating information from various sources and delivering it to end users. With a flexible user interface designed for easy information consumption, navigating our platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

Real-time bus passenger information

Real-time information when the next buses expected to arrive in the station/terminal

Line Timetable and maps

timetable and bus stops for all lines in the station

people flow directions

Timetable and bus stops for all routes stooping in this station


Eatables passengers to aasily find their way in dense bus or train terminals

City events

Let people know about city events


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