Our LCD displays solution utilize LCD screens to showcase multimedia content, including images, videos, and text, for informational, promotional, or advertising purposes


Our LCD Display Capabilities: Experience real-time messaging, timetables, maps, travel updates, wayfinding, advertisements, city events, news, and personalized content all on one platform. Our system functions as a central hub, seamlessly integrating information from various sources and delivering it to end users. With a flexible user interface designed for easy information consumption, navigating our platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

Real-time bus passenger information

Next four buses expected to arrive in the station/terminal

Line Timetable and maps

timetable and bus stops for all lines in the station

people flow directions

Timetable and bus stops for all routes stooping in this station


Easily find their way in dense bus or train terminals

City events

Connecting to the existing public transportation card system


Plan a trip using the multiple transport option such as bus and train


Inform passengers with important information

City news

Inform passengers with important information

customized information

Inform passengers with important information

family Products

Our kiosks are adaptable to diverse environmental conditions, ranging from indoor settings to challenging outdoor environments. Constructed with either galvanized steel or stainless steel in a marina color finish, they feature IP grades ranging from 45 to 67. The Anti-vandal protection suite encompasses IK-10 glass resistance, knock detection, and open door detection.

Tailoring to customer requirements, our industrial-grade displays come in varying sizes and brightness levels. We offer integration capabilities for a broad spectrum of hardware peripherals, including NFC readers, credit card readers, cameras, mobile phone chargers, printers, speakers, and SOS buttons.

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We have used Interactive info point for many of our projects, and the screens have proven their reliability in various situations.