Ashdod Tourism

Customer: Ashdod Tourism

Year: 2018

Discover our interactive LCD kiosks located throughout Ashdod, designed to enhance your city experience

Explore the vibrant city of Ashdod like never before with our state-of-the-art interactive LCD kiosks strategically positioned throughout the city. Designed to enrich your urban adventure, these kiosks serve as dynamic hubs of information, catering to both tourists keen on discovering Ashdod's hidden gems and local residents looking to stay in the loop about city happenings.

Enhanced Journey:

Constructed with precision and innovation, our outdoor and indoor floor-standing displays provide an immersive platform to access real-time information about Ashdod's bustling activities and events. Be it cultural festivals, culinary delights, or local exhibitions, our kiosks are your window to the city's pulse.

Why Our Displays Matter:
Planning Your Day Made Easy

These displays are more than just a convenient feature; they significantly improve the public city information experience. Our interactive kiosks seamlessly connect with the city's website, offering personalized information at your fingertips. Easily navigate through recommended beaches, local events, attractions, and sports activities. With intuitive touchscreens, our kiosks transform your exploration, tailoring Ashdod's offerings to your interests. Discover the city's vibrancy effortlessly.