Passenger Information System for carmelit

Customer: Carmelit Haifa

Year: 2018

The Carmelit system in Haifa is not just a subway; it's a unique blend of underground transport and a funicular, significantly easing the lives of both residents and visitors of the city. This system combines speed and comfort, making trips around Haifa much more enjoyable.

Enhanced Journey:

For those unfamiliar with Haifa's public transport landscape, the Carmelit is a one-of-a-kind underground transit system that resembles both a subway and a funicular. Operating since the 1950s, it serves as a lifeline connecting various key points across the city, from downtown to the Carmel mountains. This unique system not only adds a historic touch to Haifa but also provides an efficient and quick way to navigate through the city.

Why Our Displays Matter: Planning Your Day Made Easy

These displays are more than just a convenient feature; they significantly improve the public transport experience. Now, you don't have to guess when your train or bus will arrive. This info is always at hand, allowing you to plan your day more efficiently.