Ashdod “Green-Wave” project

Customer: Ashdod

Year: 2020

As part of a large public transport project in the city of Ashdod,
called "Green-wave”-Bus", the city has deployed thirty six Urban
Digital smart bus shelters featuring breakthrough capabilities.

Passengers waiting for the bus can get updated using two 55"inch Touch displays, one display integrated in the bus shelter and another standing a few meters next to the shelter. These displays provide real time next bus schedule information, detailed route plan and route planner options. Passengers can also load their Smart Card ("Rav-Kav") with ticketing value.

Enhanced Journey:

Passengers can also get updated about what is happening in the city, with information such as culture events, sport activities, points of interest, municipal announcements and social networks

Why Our Displays Matter: Planning Your Day Made Easy

These displays are more than just a convenient feature; they significantly improve the public transport experience. Now, you don't have to guess when your train or bus will arrive. This info is always at hand, allowing you to plan your day more efficiently.