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About Us

Urban Digital is laying the foundations for a smart city and its urban space, using digital platforms designed to help improve residents sense of orientation while reducing the city’s operational costs and resources.

Our smart digital furniture in the urban space enable online, direct communication between the city and its residents, which is the best source of data inside the city boundarie.

Why Us?

Urban Digital combine our digital innovation with knowledge and experience of 35+ years in several domains:

  • Urban furniture & Industrial projects
  • Software & Hardware
  • Solar Energy

I.M Segev - our parent company

I.M Segev is a metal factory for urban furniture with more than 37 years of expirence

visit I.M Segev web site for more information

Meet the Team... they are always up to something good!

Oved Fenigzon
CEO / Founder

Founder and chief executive of I.M Segev for over 34 years

Yuval Remeny
CEO / Founder

Founder and chief executive of Urban Digital in the last 5 years

Shay Tovim
V.P Development

Responsible for the company's development and innovation efforts for over 3 years

Ramon Horkany
V.P International sales

20 years of international sales and marketing