Smart Bus Stop

Integrated information point, security suite, passengers services and AI all integrated to state of the art bus stop

Product Description:

State of the art bus station designed for integration with multiply technolegies that enabled to supply reach services for the passengers. The heart of the smart bus stop is Interactive information points keeping the passengers updated with real time information , wayfinding, city events and more. The Info point can support ticketing with credit card readers. The Bus stop equipt with solar lightning, security camera and USB charging sockets. a Wi-Fi service can be also added to the station and large range of sensors such as air quality. The cameras can supply people counting andcan detect vandalism. An anouncment system can also be integrated to the smart bus stop enabling the municipality to do crowd managment when emergency accured

Feature List:

  • Infrmation Point
  • Advertizment digital or paper box
  • Camera
  • USB charging
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot
  • People counting
  • Anonamy Detection

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