Urban Digital and Easy: Transforming Urban Mobility and Local Urban Commerce

A Pioneering Collaboration

Urban Digital, partnering with Easy — Israel's most comprehensive and regularly updated business directory app, serving over 2 million users — has developed a new interface that greatly enhances urban mobility and local commerce around our Smart Bus Stations in the city of Modi'in and urban information kiosks in Yehud.

Easy – Reinventing Local Commerce

Easy, with its advanced location-based search system, is more than a business directory. It's a platform that keeps its pulse on the dynamic Israeli market, connecting people with businesses, points of interest, and events while assisting business owners in managing their visibility and customer reach.
In collaboration with Urban Digital, this powerful tool has been tailored for the smart information screens at bus stations and urban kiosks, launching a unique user experience that provides essential information in a convenient manner.

An Enhanced User Experience

The interface offers various selectable categories for users to navigate and filter businesses and points of interest according to their needs. Each screen highlights businesses in the vicinity, presenting a comprehensive view of each business – from operation hours to distance from the station, reviews, and ratings.

A Seamless Interaction: A User Scenario

Imagine a commuter waiting for a bus at a Modi'in bus station. They notice an appealing bakery displayed on the interactive kiosk nearby. A quick QR code scan transports the commuter onto the Easy app, guiding them directly to the bakery's page. Intrigued by the rave reviews and the convenience of a 3-minute walk, the commuter decides to grab a bite before the bus arrives. This is Urban Digital and Easy in action, making city living interactive and convenient for everyone.

Interactive Advertising: Driving Local Commerce

The collaboration presents something more engaging than traditional posters — it's interactive advertising that effectively promotes local businesses, encouraging city dwellers and tourists alike to explore their surroundings while increasing visibility for the Easy app and boosting local commerce. The combination of wayfinding and public transport has proven to increase foot traffic and bring new revenue to local businesses, thus strengthening the whole community.

The Future of Urban Mobility

With this transformative project up and running in cities like Modi'in, where 50 active kiosks are serving the community, and in Yehud, where four centrally located kiosks are enhancing the urban experience, Urban Digital's mission of enhancing city life is coming to fruition.
We are enhancing the quality of life in cities, supporting local businesses, and paving the way for future digital innovations in urban mobility. This project is a great example of how technology, data, and partnership can lead to real change and improvement in everyday life for all of us.

We would like to thank our partners at Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut
Municipality and Yehud-Monosson Municipality