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Explore how Urban Digital's Urban Timetable transforms bus stop signage management in Israel. Our solution promotes precision and efficiency in bus signage production. To learn more about the role of Urban Timetable in this change, visit our latest article. We value your input and shares.


“We First launched Urban Timetable in Israel last quarter and the reaction from our partners has given us the confidence that we are on the right track – simplifying the every day tasks of public transport infrustcrutre managers. ”  Ramon, VP of Sales at Urban Digital.

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Urban Timetable – Breakthrough Solution for Public Transport Precision and Efficiency

Consider every bus stop – each requires a timetable poster and, most often, a specific city map. Each sign carries specific information and is usually made from paper. These signs frequently require replacing. This task is labor-intensive and time-consuming, not to mention the frequent need for updates due to the dynamic nature of public transport. We're talking about special days, route changes, and so on… and sadly, there are times when the information isn't accurate, leading to confusion for passengers.

Traditional methods involving manual processes struggle to keep pace with these frequent changes. It's clear that the industry can no longer afford to maintain this manually. The need of the hour in public transport is an efficient, automated solution.

Urban Digital’s Cloud-Based Solution – Urban Timetable provides an innovative answer.

Currently available in Israel, this project is for the local bus operator and has significantly improved their quality of work. It helps keep track of public transport line routes and schedule changes that need to be updated. It also streamlines the whole process of alerting of needed changes, producing the signs, and assigning them to teams to physically update the sign on the station.

Urban Timetable leverages General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data (the blueprint of public transport information) to simplify and automate the production of static bus stop signage. It essentially takes the data directly from the source and transforms it into accurate, timely signage. But it's more than just an automation tool.



The software handles the entire process, including the "ticketing" to address sign changes. The application alerts teams of locations requiring sign updates and manages the routes of technicians tasked with the updates. This level of operational management is a game-changer for public transport.

Our strategic value is to ensure passenger satisfaction while drastically reducing the time it takes to produce signage and ensure information accuracy. By leveraging data directly from the GTFS source, the software is always updated, resulting in updated signage, which enhances passenger trust and improves the overall riding experience.

We notice this in every project we handle for our clients; when the signage on the bus stop is accurate, it increases public transport usage. It also ensures compliance with local regulations while maintaining the transportation provider’s brand identity across all signage.

The future of public transport management is here! It's automated, efficient, and smart, ensuring we all get where we need to go.